This is the ideal class for those who want to detoxify their kitchen. Pantries usually store boxes, cans, jars and other foods that may be harming you and your loved ones. I will personally come to your home and detoxify your kitchen from the foods and products that are keeping you from reaching your unique health or weight goals. I will help you identify what foods should be eliminated and replaced with healthier alternatives that still taste delicious and will nourish both your body and soul. Cleaning out your kitchen is the first and most crucial step as you begin your journey towards vibrant health. Together we will create a clean kitchen structured for your new healthy lifestyle.



This home visit consists of a 1 hour and 30 minute session where we detoxify your kitchen and create a healthy pantry. You will also receive a variety of handouts including a list of all the healthy replacements, grocery shopping list, food guide, label guide, and my healthy kitchen tools and tips handout.

as a result of this class you will...

  • understand food labels and health claims
  • identify the food additives, chemicals and other toxins in your food
  • discover the truth behind what you have been eating 
  • identify what foods and products should be eliminated and why
  • discover the healthy and tasty replacements for the eliminated foods
  • learn about new foods
  • learn how to keep a well stocked pantry of healthy choices
  • learn about safe non toxic home cleaning products
  • learn about the kitchen tools that will benefit your experience
  • create a space structured for your new healthy lifestyle



Kitchen makeovers are usually held in New York City but may be available in other locations. Additional travel fees will apply.




I propose a package that includes two classes at a discounted rate. You can choose the Kitchen Makeover + Grocery Shopping Tour, or the Grocery Shopping tour + Cooking class, or any combination that will  suit your needs. Instead of paying for two individual classes for a total of $400, get the Combo for $350 (+ additional food costs).




Congratulations on taking the first step towards a healthier lifestyle, while detoxifying your kitchen! To start fill out the information bellow and I will get in touch with you within 48 hours to schedule your kitchen makeover.

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