This is the shortest and most compact program, the ideal plan for the individuals who want to learn exactly what they can do to improve their health, without the extra support and accountability that I provide in my other programs. In two 1-hour sessions you will find out exactly what you can do to improve your current eating habits, health and lifestyle. The plan consists of an Assessment Session and a Follow-Up session where I answer all your questions, provide the recommendations, clear action plan and other resources that will make a huge difference in your life, right away. These sessions may be by phone or Skype.



Session 1 - 1h

In the Assessment session I will ask a lot of questions to get to know you on all levels, including your lifestyle, nutritional preferences, sleep, exercise, challenges, concerns, goals and desires. This health history review will highlight what is working for you and what is not and we will bring attention to the areas that need improvement. Together we will determine your top 3 to 5 goals, I will give you my best recommendations and lifestyle tips to move you forward; and we will create a clear action plan that you will implement into your life. You will also receive a grocery guide and shopping list, recipes and other tip sheets that apply to your particular situation.


Session 2 - 1h

In our second and last session, we will follow up on the changes you made since the previous session. We will discuss your progress, challenges and victories, we will reassess your goals and recommendations, and I will answer all your questions. You will also receive an extended plan to continue your progress towards vibrant health.


  • you are confused about what to eat
  • you want to upgrade your current health and eating habits
  • you want to loose or gain weight
  • you have gas, bloating or constipation
  • you have acne or skin brake outs
  • you eat healthy but still can’t loose weight
  • you have low energy 
  • you have unrestful sleep and wake up tired
  • you want to look and feel better
  • you are healthy but want new direction and improvement
  • you want an introduction to a healthy lifestyle
  • you want to make the changes on your own
  • you don’t need support and accountability


  • find out exactly what you can do to improve your health
  • reach your ideal weight
  • terminate your digestive issues, constipation and bloating
  • have clear and glowing skin
  • learn how to properly nourish your body
  • look and feel great
  • learn about new foods and how to incorporate them
  • feel confident in choosing and preparing healthy food
  • increase your energy levels
  • improve your sleep quality
  • experience vibrant health and happiness



Discounts apply to those aged under 27.




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