A kick start into a healthy lifestyle, this hands-on and super practical immersion is the perfect plan for those who want to get the full coaching experience in a private and relaxed environment, in just one day. By spending the whole day together you will learn exactly what YOU need to become healthy and reach you goals and desires. You will have a full day to focus on yourself and your health. By the end of the day, not only will you develop a sense of love and care for yourself and your body, but you will be feeling energized and motivated to keep moving forward on your journey of health and happiness.



ASSESSMENT Session - 1h

We will start with a 1-hour health history session by phone or Skype prior to your scheduled day, to assess your health concerns, goals and desires. I will create your success plan, with recommendations and suggestions specific to your situation which I will guide you through on our day together.


On your scheduled day we will spend 6 hours and 30 minutes together shopping, organising, cooking and planning your new lifestyle. I will give you an in-depth tour of a local health food store. We will then go to your house to analyze and organise your kitchen with the objective to create a space structured for your new healthy lifestyle. I will teach you how to efficiently use your kitchen equipment while we cook some delicious recipes, which we will then enjoy together. We will go over your plan to success and you will learn all the tools, tips, recommendations and action steps that will get you to your desired lifestyle. And most importantly, how to integrate them into your routine. You will also receive a food guide, grocery shopping guide, meal plans, recipes, and other resources that apply to your unique situation. 


Two to three weeks after your immersion day we will have a phone or Skype session to follow up on how you are integrating all the new habits you learned, and how you are coming along with your goals. We will discuss your feelings, progress, challenges and victories; and I will answer all your questions. You will also receive an extended plan to continue your progress towards vibrant health.


  • you are feeling stuck in your current health routine
  • you want to be healthy but you don’t know where to start
  • you need motivation to get back on track
  • you enjoy a practical and hands-on immersion style of working
  • you want to get a direct experience of a healthy lifestyle 
  • you want to learn exactly WHAT to do and HOW to do it
  • you want to upgrade your current health and eating habits
  • you are already healthy but want new direction or improvement
  • you have specific goals such as weight loss, increase energy, improve digestion and sleep…


  • learn how to confidently navigate the grocery store
  • understand food labels and health claims
  • identify harmful food additives, chemicals and other toxins
  • discover the truth behind what you have been eating 
  • learn how to shop effectively while saving time and money
  • learn to plan menus and make shopping lists
  • learn how to keep a well stocked pantry of healthy choices
  • identify which foods to eliminate and which to include
  • understand why your kitchen is the most important place to focus on as you start your healthy lifestyle
  • learn about healthy foods and how to incorporate them
  • learn a few basics of healthy cooking
  • learn about the kitchen tools that will improve your cooking experience
  • create and enjoy a healthy and delicious meal 
  • create a space that is structured for a healthy lifestyle
  • understand what you can do to reach you health goals



+ Additional food costs.

Full Day Immersions are usually held in New York City but may be available in other locations. Additional travel fees will apply.

Discounts apply to those aged under 27.




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