This field trip class is perfect for you if you want to learn how to confidently buy groceries from the farmers market, while engaging directly with the growers of your food. Moving from stall to stall, you will learn about the benefits of buying from the farmers instead of the supermarket, and the benefits of buying local and seasonal food. I will show you what each farmer has to offer, while learning about different ingredients. We will have the opportunity to talk with the farmers and ask all the right questions about their produce and farming practices, with the purpose to know exactly how their food was grown and handled. The objective of this class is to show you exactly where to get what, while having fun in the process, so that your market shopping experience will be more effective and less overwhelming, while saving time in trying to figure out every stall along the way.



This class consists of a 1 hour field trip to the Union Square Farmers Market with me, where I will show you how to confidently navigate the market. You will also receive a variety of helpful handouts which include the local and seasonal food guide, and farmers market shopping guide.

as a result of this class you will...

  • learn how to confidently navigate the farmers market
  • understand the benefits of buying organic, local and seasonal food
  • be able to ask farmers about their farming practices
  • create relationship with the growers of your food
  • learn how to shop effectively while saving time and money
  • discover new foods and ways to incorporate them



Discounts apply if you bring a friend, or two :)

Grocery Shopping Classes are usually held in New York City but may be available in other locations. Additional travel fees will apply.




I propose a package that includes two classes at a discounted rate. You can choose the Kitchen Makeover + Grocery Shopping Tour, or the Farmers Market  + Cooking Class, or any combination that will  suit your needs. Instead of paying for two individual classes for a total of $400, get the Combo for $350 (+ additional food costs).




Congratulations on taking the first step towards a healthier lifestyle, while becoming an expert shopper! To start fill out the information bellow and I will get in touch with you within 48 hours to schedule your grocery shopping class.

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