Our inseparable smartphones, depending on how we use them, can be powerful tools for productivity or a mind-numbing well of distractions. The app store is flooded with apps for anything imaginable, and finding the right apps can make a huge difference to your productivity, helping you save time and money. 

Today I’m going to share with you the 9 useful apps that have made it really fun and easy for me to create and maintain healthy habits. I made a video too so be sure to check it out!

1. Clear is by far the coolest task and to-do list app. The interface is really easy to use and fun for the fingers. I use it for ALL my lists, and in this case I suggest using it for your shopping lists to make sure you never run out of groceries. 

2. Headspace is the go-to app for anyone interested in learning meditation and mindfulness with a simple and down-to-earth approach in just 10minutes a day. I specially recommend this app for meditation beginners.

3. My Timer is for more experienced meditators who have a personal daily practice. It allows you to set a timer for your meditation. I love it because I can immerse myself into the bliss of meditation knowing that it will bring me back exactly 20 minutes later to the gentle sound of a Tibetan singing bowl. 

4. Deliciously Ella for healthy recipes of course! In this app you will find over a hundred simple and easy-to-follow plant-based recipes, from smoothies and juices to snacks, salads and main dishes. Deciding what to make for dinner was never this easy.

5. Happy Cow, a planty’s best friend. This app is an extensive guide that lists all the vegetarian, vegan and veg friendly restaurants all around the world. Bonus: It also lists health-food stores. Happy Cow is a really helpful resource for (traveling) plant-based eaters. 

6. Instacart for organic grocery delivery, unfortunately only for those of you in the USA. You can make an order in the morning and have it delivered by dinner time. Although I personally think its nicer to hit the market, this app can sometimes be a real time saver.

6. YogaGlo is for traveling yogis. As a yoga addict I can’t go a day without practicing, which is a challenge during travel. Enter YogaGlo - a membership site that allows you to save up to 10 classes for offline viewing, so you can have access to full yoga classes anywhere, anytime. 

7. Seven is the app I use occasionally to get in a quick full body workout when I travel. It provides different high intensity interval training circuits without equipment in just a few minutes a day. The cool thing is that everything is configurable so you can adjust it to your own needs. 

9. Kindara is for you ladies. It logs, tracks and predicts your menstrual cycles, ovulation and fertility. I highly recommend this app for women who want to understand their bodies and cycles better, or women who avoid birth control and want to track their periods, get pregnant or avoid pregnancy the natural way. 

Originally my idea was to share with you 10 cool apps, but I was one short... Could you help? Is there one app that you use to create or maintain healthy habits? If so please share it in the comments so we can complete this list :)