OMG I think almond butter is one of my all-time favorite things to make. It's so easy and friggin amazing. I have to warn you though, it's highly addictive! I could personally eat half the jar by the spoon...

The reason I love making my own almond butter is because it is incredibly easy, probably cheaper and super fun. Another reason is that I can control exactly what goes in it, no preservatives, no flavorings and no unnecessary crappy ingredients. All you need is almonds, a food processor and optionally, a few other ingredients like honey, coconut oil and salt to jazz it up. Here's a step-by-step guide to show you exactly how to make my almond butter.

Once you try your own almond butter you wont ever buy the store-bought one. Furthermore, when you see how easy it is, you can repeat the same process with peanuts, cashews, hazelnuts, etc. Since I discovered how to make homemade nut butters I've gone wild and tried all kinds of combinations! I will be posting more of them in the future.

For now, enjoy this simple but tasty almond butter :)


easy almond butter

makes about 1 cup


2 cups raw almonds
1 tbs honey
1 tbs coconut oil
Generous pinch of salt

* Best enjoyed with medjool dates, in smoothies, porridges, with crudites, or simply by the spoon :)


1. Place the almonds, honey, coconut oil and salt in the food processor and turn the machine ON.

2. KEEP THE MACHINE GOING. The whole process will take between 15-25 min, depending on your machine.

3. Keep an eye on it, you may have to stop the food processor, scrape down the sides every once in a while, and turn it back on.

4. It may seem like its not happening but just keep going, trust me, it will happen. At one point the almonds will release their oils and will eventually become butter.


Place all the ingredients into the machine.


After about 2 minutes it will look like meal.


5 minutes later starts to ball up.


10 minutes and almonds start to release their oils.


15 minutes and its looking good!


And 18 minutes later we have arrived, almond butter at last.